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Please fill out the registration form 

Once a vacancy has been confirmed fees can be paid by direct credit into  our nominated Bank Account which will be sent via email.

please remember to put the players full name as a reference/message

A player's enrollment is not confirmed within the academy until the full payment and the Registration Form has been  completed and received. 

Please read the All-Stars ‘Terms and Conditions & Code of Conduct 2021’

By returning this completed registration form I agree to the child named above taking part in the programmes provided by All-Stars Football Academy. I have read the ‘ASFA Terms and Conditions & Code of Conduct (2021)’  for both parents/guardians and participants and agree to abide by those whilst attending the All-Star Football Academy and I understand that any serious or continued breach of these codes may result in my child being removed from the All-Stars Football Academy.


At the moment ASFA only considers new Players born in 2016, 2017 and 2018 

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